Announcing EvmoSwap Incentivized Public Testnet

2 min readApr 15, 2022


EvmoSwap testnet is now live! 🥳🥳

Dear Community,

The moment we have all been waiting for is here! We are happy to announce our public testnet launch. The testnet launch comes on the heels of the Evmos testnet rollout earlier this week, which we also excitedly anticipated.

A quick lowdown on what EvmoSwap is building within the Evmos ecosystem — EvmoSwap is building a complete DeFi suite that allows users to accesss and explore a myriad of opportunities available within DeFi, leveraging user-tailored tooling on Evmos.

Why Testnet?

The public testnet will offer the Evmos community little insight into what we are building, preparing them for the invasion of a premier DEX that offers a governance token, diverse yield farms, a built-in bridge, and built-in limit orders, among other user-centric offerings.

In addition, the testnet will provide us with informed and constructive feedback from community members, which we can implement to create a wholesome and rewarding DeFi experience for natives and non-natives looking to begin their DeFi journey.

Is EvmoSwap Testnet Incentivized?

Certainly! An allocation of $EMO token (native and governance token of EvmoSwap) will be distributed to incentivize participants of the public testnet. Stay tuned for incentives!

How long will Testnet Last?

EvmoSwap testnet will be open for one week to encourage more participation from community members.

Who is Eligible?

Testnet is open to the whole community, including new members. One of the hallmarks of DeFi is open participation. Thus, we are toeing the same path for our testnet.

What’s More?

Testnet participants can report suggestions on the Discord server. A feedback channel will be open to receive reports on users’ overall experience and possible improvements on UI and functionalities.

Note: A guide will be released to walk you through testnet.

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EvmoSwap is an automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) for the Evmos network.