EvmoSwap August Afilliate Program

There’s a great new chance for you to showcase your talents! Create content, become a $EMO Agent and take part in theworthwhile EvmoSwap Affiliates Program and share the mighty prize pool of $7500 in EMO.

Welcome to the program created for strong leaders with confidence in actions, rational thinking, and a deep interest in EvmoSwap!

EvmoSwap is looking for dedicated affiliates for long term collaboration who are passionate about EvmoSwap and ready to promote the project on social media and other online spaces. Affiliates will be rewarded with EMO tokens for supporting the EvmoSwap project in its stages of development and general empowerment in the crypto world.

Become a part of the EMO Affiliates Program and support EvmoSwap!

Who should sign up?

EvmoSwap is open to people with experience and content creation skills. YouTubers, crypto-community leaders and other content creators who are interested in becoming an EvmoSwap Affiliate and meet these requirements:

  • A motivated and communicative person who is passionate about the EvmoSwap project and possesses knowledge of its core products and features
  • You’re ready to educate your community about EvmoSwap features and innovations
  • You’re a YouTuber/ Telegram /Twitter blogger with a strong community
  • Instagram / Reddit Blog / TikTok / any thematic crypto blog / forum
  • Social media profile/group accounts with 5,000+ subscribers
  • You have a crypto community with about 5,000 members
  • Texts can be displayed in any language. The video can be in any language but has built-in English subtitles (or auto-translate). The additional language will be a plus.
  • High level of responsibility and experience in the field of blogging

🛰Share $7500 Prize Pool via August Affiliates Program

August Affiliates Program is a challenging program for affiliates to create the content on a related topic, share it with your audience and earn up to $7500 in EMO.

The conditions are clear and straightforward — choose your Topic(s), fulfill all the terms and collect your rewards. Let your Crypto-Journey begin!

Explore the Affiliates Program Rewards!

All program participants can take the rewards from our prize pool in several gradations. You can get both the primary rating and extra gains.

💎Share $7500 in EMO rewards

The top 10 Affiliates who, in our opinion, have the best content will share $7500 in EMO rewards:

🥇 1 place — $1500 in EMO
🥈 2 place — $1250 in EMO
🥉 3 place — $1000 in EMO
🏅 4 place — $750 in EMO
🏅 5–10 place — $500 in EMO

Criteria for determining the winners

The EvmoSwap team will evaluate content according to the following categories and conditions.

📍Note: content that does not include the following conditions will not be considered by the team!

Your content fully reflects the theme of the challenge. It presents the structure in a logical and accessible way. It does not have hidden meanings and is entirely accessible to the user

2. Uniqueness
Your content is completely unique, not copied from any resources and completely created by you.

3. Creativity
You created unique content with creative and effective ways of presenting information to the user and conveyed the essence of your chosen topic.

4. Content Quality
Your content is created at the highest level and is as accessible to the community as possible:

  • Well filmed/mounted/written/etc.
  • Has good and high-quality sound
  • Clear and understandable pronunciation
  • Has subtitles

6. Include CTA (Call to Action)

a) Add CTA to your content (video description/posts, etc.) “Join EvmoSwap Social Media and Local Communities” and include the following links:

📍You must mention EvmoSwap Social Media and Communities in your video.

Follow the additional rules to increase your chances of a win

  • Add all the hashtags of your topic in your content
  • Place all CTAs and links to additional content and the product page
  • Use the provided references to improve the quality of your content

📍Topics for August Affiliates Program📍

To become an EvmoSwap ambassador via the August Affiliates Program, you need to create content on one or more of the following topics presented in the list. Choose your topic(s) & get prepared for the Moon!

Carefully read all the terms of participation before you publish your content. Content that does not follow the conditions of participation will not be considered by the team.

EvmoSwap DEX Topics

  1. EvmoSwap Review.
  2. Passive income on EvmoSwap. Pools, Staking, Locking, Boosting & Yield Farming.
  3. $EMO token
  4. Marketplace review. All marketplace updates.
  5. EvmoSwap Roadmap (You can find details about this in the gitbook)

How does it work?

Create content for EvmoSwap based on the chosen theme. You may submit your content in any form, which includes, but is not limited to: videos, posts, infographics, articles, banners, twitter threads etc. All recommendations are in the document of the topic you have chosen. Remember that the content you create must be in English or have built-in English subtitles, any languages are permitted for articles.

2.Share your content!
Once you’ve created content, share it on your social media with the hashtag #EvmoSwapToTheMoon. Be sure to use a clear CTA that fits your theme.

4.Submit your content
Share your work through the Content Submission Form. Publish your content as soon as possible to achieve the highest reach. Hurry until the end of the specified deadline — the team will not consider participants and their promo materials on topics that have exceeded their submission period at 2:00 PM UTC on September 1.

5.Content assessment process
Our team will assess the quality of your promo content based on its general characteristics like Quality, Logic and Creativity. Follow all rules to increase your chances of winning.

📍We will announce a winner list & will notify you via Google Mail & Telegram message by the 10th of September. You will have five days to complain. The prizes will be distributed by the 20th of September.

Terms & Conditions

To receive a prize, you must submit your content before 2:00 PM UTC on September 1.

Evaluation of content
The EvmoSwap team reserves the right to review and rate content in any manner. First of all, we pay attention to the Quality of content, Logic and Creativity.

📍 The EvmoSwap team reserves the right to interpret and rate content as they see fit.

Affiliates who engage in plagiarism or content fabrication will no longer participate in the Affiliates Program. You can complain about stolen/plagiarized content/incorrect wallet number/etc within 5 days from the date of publication of the list of winners, which is from the 10th to the 15th of September.

Stolen Content
If your content was stolen or copied, you could complain about the video/publication within five days after publication of the list of winners, that is from the 10th to the 15th of September.

By taking part in the program, authorship of the content remains on the Affiliate, but the participant recognizes the transfer of copyright on the submitted work to EvmoSwap. All contributors to EvmoSwap include but are not limited to copying, editing, displaying, and publishing content mentioning the author of the content but without prior notification.

Placement of Material
EvmoSwap reserves the right to publish any content submitted to this event without prior notification, but mentioning the author of the content.

All the participants who finish the contest and fulfil all conditions are awarded. Participants can receive both primary and additional awards.

📍 EvmoSwap’s Team will send all the rewards to the winners by the 20th of September.

📍 EvmoSwap reserves the right to change the terms of the Program or the Entry Rules at its sole discretion and the right to cancel the Program.

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